Audit & Assurance

Businesses have traditionally seen statutory audits as a burden. With rapid changes in the environment, skepticism is at an all-time high and so are stakeholder expectations. We go beyond mere statutory compliance. Our clients’ audited statements have not only withstood detailed and stringent scrutiny, but have also become pillars of transparency.

We pride ourselves in providing qualitative suggestions, inputs and insights based on our sound technical knowledge & experience.

We proactively keep clients abreast of the latest updates and trends to keep pace with their dynamic requirements. We have sound research capabilities for proper interpretation & application of various Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Auditors of Spacebucks provide high quality audits that serve stakeholders’ interest at large as spacebucks auditors use high quality standards involving independence, professional skepticism and integrity.

Our Offerings

Statutory audit under Companies Act

Company Secreterial Services

Limited Liability Partnership Act

Statutory audit under Companies Act

Statutory audit under Companies Act

Why choose for Audit & Assurance services at spacebucks?

Spacebucks have a team of Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries who are responsible for performing Audit functions under various Acts ensuring high standards in reporting quality and timely compliance.
Spacebucks after analysing clients business volume, nature and cost effectiveness comes up with a robust accounting system plan which is implemented after clients approval and constant feedback. Such services can be provided remotely to all clients or visiting clients place at regular intervals considering volume of clients business, cost effectiveness and requirements.
If any client has opted for our virtual cfo services or outsourced accounting service, then we dont charge for Auditing service as we render other two services on monthly basis which involves all elements of audit function and thereby save our clients time and cost for all year end audits and compliances.

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