Virtual CFO

What is a Virtual CFO?

An Outsourced CFO is a financial expert who provides strategic, budgeting, or problem-solving services on a part-time or project basis. An Outsourced CFO provides high-level financial strategy, systems analysis and design, and operational optimizations. They can also help a company resolve challenges such as cash flow issues, raising capital, solving tight margins, implementing more efficient systems, or preparing for growth.

Virtual CFO functions

Setting Accounting System
Tax Planning & Compliances
Finical Reporting
MIS & Analytics
Budgeting & Cashflow
Secretarial Compliance
Management Accounting

Industries we Specialises

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our outsourced CFOs’ industry backgrounds. With some of the most experienced CFOs in the industry, we specialise in everything from

Medical Devices
Home Health Services
Food And Beverage
Virtual Capital
GAS & Oil
Not sure if we fit your niche?

HOW does Virtual CFO service works?

Understanding Client Requirements

As per the business dynamics of client, we arrive at broader objectives and output required by this accounts outsourcing Process.

Client Signup

A document in the form of Service Level Agreement is signed between spacebucks and client that defines our deliverables, commercials and other clauses that can act as reference for further understanding.


A document in the form of Service Level Agreement is signed between spacebucks and client that defines our deliverables, commercials and other clauses that can act as reference for further understanding.

Setting up of Robust System

Based on client requirements and data shared by client, a robust system using Tally, QuickBooks, Xero or customized ERP is set by our FAEs.

TAs and FAEs

TAs who are responsible for maintenance of accounts and FAEs who are responsible for statutory filings and Management review are allotted to a client for respective tasks in accounts outsourcing process.

Reporting and Review

Statutory Reporting to Revenue Authorities and review of financial performance through MIS is performed on monthly basis and the same is discussed with the client.

Why choose for Virtual CFO / CFO services at spacebucks?

There are two aspects wherein our CFO can help with his expertise.

1. Operational efficiency.
A detailed MIS that contains deep dive into micro aspects of business such as product wise profitability, Inventory management, tax planning, cost centres, improved reporting quality, etc is furnished on monthly basis that enables management to take critical decisions to achieve operational efficiency.

2. Investing and Financing decisions.
Fast growing businesses often require professional expertise pertaining to capital allication, capital budgeting for expansion and new projects, distribution of profits, valuation of company, takeover and acquisitions, fund raising, project finance. There where our CFO will lead from the front in assisting clients to make all investing and financing decisions for client businesses.
Spacebucks has a team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Financial reporting experts headed by CA Chetan Mhapankar who himself has made notable contributions for many businesses in the capacity of Independent Director / virtual CFO in assisting clients to achieve operational efficiency and making sound investing and financing decisions. Spacebucks is focused on providing such reliable virtual cfo solutions at a reasonable price as it would be too expensive for businesses to hire full time CFO for their organizations.
Virtual CFO service involves professional expertise and a dedicated CFO is assigned to clients and therefore spacebucks charges its clients on a monthly retainer fixed fee which depends upon extent of scope involved in terms of objective to be achieved by the management.
Example: - Management might need spacebucks to work only to achieve operational efficiency by tax planning, improved financial reporting quality and act as a Financial controller for clients business. Some organization may seek our virtual cfo service for making financing and investing decisions or a combination of both.
So it depends upon time involvement of our CFO in performing these tasks for our clients.

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